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Meet Our Driving Horses and Ponies



Meet our driving horses, ponies, AND let's not forget our wonderful driving minis!


Three Minature Horses





Punch stands 7 hands and 1 mighty inch high and trucks around like nobody’s business. (That's Punch above. Can you handle the cute?)


Jingle is a speed demon and loves the Cones Courses or going down the road.


Becky is our Senior Citizen and quietest of quiet one…She also goes to visit schools and nursing homes as our Touchstone Ambassador.


Four Welsh Ponies



Peaches is truly “A Peach” and ready to start even the most timid adult or kid.


Gretta is a beautiful registered Farnley pony with all the class and flair of a champ.


Blue is right for you…he is a Welsh cross medium pony and ready to take you on a memorable drive. With his bright blue eyes, he is a real character and eager to please. He shines at driving.


Socks is one of our best therapy horses. As a retired competitive driving pony at 14.1HH, he is one of our quietest and most gentle driving stars. He has ‘been there, done that’ and is ready to help you get started with confidence.


Four Welsh Cobs



This photo is of Buster and Charlie, ... no it's Chunk and Jack, ... wait, it's ....We challenge you to be able to sort out who is who among our four jet black large ponies…Even our staff have a hard time telling them apart because they look so alike…Which is what you want for either pairs driving or a Four in Hand! Come meet Buster, Charlie, Chunk and Jack and see which one is your favorite. Better yet, come drive two of them and try your hand at pairs driving. It’s easy and oh so fun with these ponies.


You can see a photo of Boo driving these beautiful boys four in hand here.


One Magical Morgan




Annie is the best of our best!!! She is the ‘Go To One’ when we need someone who is rock steady. She also does our wheelchair carriage and serves those who no longer can ride. She loves a cones course and will even bend pretty well around a corner in a dressage test. She loves cross country the best of all and will go for hours just for the sheer fun of it. With a Breyer’s Horse Award as Region One Therapy Horse of the Year, she is magical indeed.


Two Terrific Haflingers



Ben and Mike are new to our string of driving horses and have been a huge addition. Donated to the farm by Brammie Cook, they have become two of our best troopers for both regular driving lessons and everything therapeutic. With their gentle, willing ways, they are ready to go down the road for you or take you for a stroll through your first cones course. They are also our Hay Ride pair and are certainly quiet enough to have you have your first lesson driving a pair.


One Hackney/Clyde Cross


Treasure is a treasure indeed. Owned by George and Nancy Stolz, she is currently in training (she missed her "photo opp") and getting ready to drive with gusto. She is plenty stylish and ready to go for George. She will be a horse that the drivers who have had the benefit of the peaceful other driving horses and ponies will aspire to drive because of her elegance and beauty. She is a true carriage horse!


One Gigantic Clydesdale



Last but by no means least is Gruffy. On long term loan from Norm and Trish Brown, Gruffy has had more pictures taken of him than any other horse or pony at Touchstone Farm. He is a true gentle giant standing at 18.1HH. He comes from the Anheuser-Busch line of "Budweiser" Clydesdales and is a real beauty. He is wonderfully quiet, sensible and ready to give you a great drive.


copy_of_gruffyandpunch.jpgSo, with Punch starting the pack at 7.1HH and Gruffy topping out at 18.1HH, and everyone in between, we surely have a wonderful string of driving minis, ponies and horses to serve both new drivers and those wanting more experience.