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  • "Completing my Instructor Training Certification at Horse Power gave me the most well rounded education for a career in the EAAT field. The course material, lectures, riding and hands-on experiences were given by the most qualified and effective professionals in their field. The staff at HP took the time to answer questions, gave me one-to-one attention, and treated me like family! Attending the ITC course at Horse Power was one of the best decisions I've made." - Lisa Topalian Zeytoonian, Fall 2011 HPITS Graduate


  • “Everyone at [Touchstone Farm] is fully committed and honestly cares about the success of the HPITS candidates. Going through this program has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to be a successful therapeutic riding instructor. Watching the students I taught each week learn new skills, gain confidence and build relationships with me and their horses fueled my passion for the profession.” ~Sawyer, South Dakota, ITC Fall 2010


  • "[Touchstone Farm’s HPITS] was an amazing experience. The course material was excellent and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Over the course of the three months I had the opportunity to teach over 30 students with emotional, behavioral, physical and cognitive challenges. This was an invaluable experience. I feel the program provided me with the knowledge, experience, and certification to start my own program. Thank you Horse Power. " ~Janette Haase, Registered PATH Intl. Instructor, Kingston, Ontario


  • "As the mother of 8 and 9 year old daughters, it took a very special reason to leave home for 3 months. Horse Power was that "special reason". It's a great feeling to be part of such a wonderful program. Boo and the rest of the staff were very understanding of the sacrifice that my family and I made in order for me to be here. Three months seemed like forever when I left home, but it really flew by. In the big picture of it all, 3 months was a small price to pay for the knowledge of a lifetime of helping others." ~Amy LaValley, Registered PATH Intl. Instructor


  • "I consider my time at Horse Power one of the best learning experiences that I've had in my adult life. I learned something from everyone I met there. The students of Horse Power, the staff, and my classmates. And of course, the horses! It was tough at times (being away from family) but always fun! I now teach full time at an excellent Therapeutic Riding Center in Maine and am able to apply much of what I learned at Horse Power to my work there.” ~Vickie Mcleod-Tardiff, Registered PATH Intl. Instructor at Hearts and Horse's


  • "I feel absolutely empowered, encouraged and ready. I am behind the school 100% and want to help promote it.” ~Megan Vittum in South Africa... Graduate at both PATH Intl. Registered and Advanced Instructor Levels at HPITS Fall 2005


  • “I decided to make a major career change and follow my dream to work in the field of Therapeutic Riding. The training I received at Horse Power has provided structure, hands on training/teaching and extensive equine care/management. The program is ideal for anyone who chooses to pursue this career. The lectures and interaction with educators and mental health professionals prepare instructors not only to 'teach' but also to develop programs, evaluate sessions, and liaise with caregivers, counselors/therapists, and parents.


  • "The HPITS was just the course I needed to get my own program started. What a learning opportunity this was for me! Unlike a lot of candidates, I had very little background knowledge about the world of horses. The weeks at the HPITS were packed with hands-on experiences with the horses, and also the many classes on horse-care and handling were just what I needed. Our own individual riding lessons were personalized and thorough, so I was able to gain a lot of confidence in my own horsemanship skills. The classes on teaching and lesson planning covered another area that I needed information on, and we were given plenty of time to practice our newly learned skills. We had many dynamic outside speakers that were knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Equine facilitated mental health, an up and coming aspect of Therapeutic Riding, was another area that was introduced to me. It was very exciting to learn what can be accomplished including the horse in mental health sessions."