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Cluckstone Farm Needs YOU!

chicken at Touchstone FarmThat's not a typo. Our General Manager, Kris Young, is spearheading a fundraising campaign to upgrade and expand the housing and fencing for the chickens of Touchstone Farm.


Our small flock of chickens already does important work, engaging with the Pony Farm and Day Camp campers and being part of our farm-based education programs.


We want to upgrade our chicken housing so that we can expand our offerings and meet some community requests:


  • Offer a 4-H program for chickens
  • Assist with housing for rescued chickens
  • Add more laying hens to the flock to supply eggs for the farm and to sell


So … Cluckstone Farm?


Day Camp at Touchstone FarmThe chickens need a safe, healthy, and secure home, which we’re calling Cluckstone Farm. It will have:


  • A new, well-constructed coop
  • Sturdy, easy-to-access nesting boxes
    for collecting eggs
  • Secure fencing that keeps chickens IN
    and predators OUT
  • Improved footing in the chicken yard for quality “hen scratches”


The Chicken Run: An Incentive to Give


fundraiser for Touchstone FarmKris has issued a challenge to Touchstone Farm and our supporters: if we can raise $2,500 of the $3,000 by June 15, 2014, Kris will run a 5-mile race in THIS chicken suit.


Seriously. This offer is too good to refuse. Your cash or in-kind donations will make Cluckstone Farm a reality this summer. If you donate by June 15, the chances are very, very good that a big chicken will be making tracks in a 5-mile road race that day.


How to Give


  • By check: Make checks payable to Touchstone Farm, and include Cluckstone Farm in the memo field.
  • By credit card: Pay online here, and include Cluckstone Farm in the note field.
  • In-kind donations: Contact Kris Young at 603-654-6308 or at


Touchstone Farm, Kris Young, and the chickens of Cluckstone Farm thank you!


Chickens at Touchstone Farm