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You are here: Home Touchstone Farm Riding Touchstone Farm Riding Program Instruction in Horsemanship

Instruction in Horsemanship

At Touchstone Farm, we teach our students not only how to ride but also how to build a safe and rewarding partnership with a horse or pony. lessons-young-rider-tacking-up


All lessons include instruction in the following areas:


  • Grooming: caring for coat, mane, tail, and feet
  • Tacking: using/caring for bridles, saddles, and halters
  • Riding Skills: English or Western instruction, plus other essentials skills, such as safe mounts and dismounts
  • Horsemanship: responsible horse handling, safety, care, and behavior


TSFridingafterride.JPGFor more information, to visit our facility, or to register, call 654-6308 or email


We look forward to welcoming you to the Touchstone Farm family!